Life has a way of taking turns that lead you down roads you never expected to travel. My life did just that. One day I was living large and the next I was flipped upside down in the ditch with my wheels spinning. 

I’ve spent my entire life being self-sufficient, then one day, one report, one diagnosis changed all that. 

Where I used to make enough money in just one day to take care of all my needs, I now get less than that in one month from SSI.

I am so great to God, when all this started He made me a promise that He would tend to me. Looking back over the last few years I am amazed by Him. How He has managed to keep a roof over my head, the lights, Internet, and basics going has blown me away.

I hear stories too often of how people are left sleeping in their cars because they can’t afford both housing and transportation needs with SSI. I get it; it’s a scary thing to think about, and if I allow myself those thoughts I find myself in tears shaking. Even more frightening – I don’t even have a car to sleep in. 

That right there makes my heart cry out to God even more in gratitude. 
There have been those of you who have gifted me from time to time, and I am so appreciative of those gifts. 

Many of you have found yourselves in dire straits from Hurricane Harvey, and I totally understand not having anything left to give. I only wish I could’ve come out to help you, or done something more than praying for you during that time. I’m still praying for you; you will always be in my heart. Know that I am grateful for all you’ve done for me.  

Bridges of Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization that I have been using my skills to help with web content, social media issues and research analyst skills. They cannot afford to put me to hire me, but they have set up a special link that can be used for anyone who wishes to gift me. 

By using the link below, the gifter will receive a receipt for tax purposes.