In the Works

cropped-421555_352705034799197_1482473068_n.jpgTo keep my friends updated on things, current projects, and possible “need to know” items, I wanted to have a place to post. Also, feel free to contact me anytime to find out more details or ask questions. Thanks for being here.

Books: Currently I am working on putting together a one-minute type devotional to help those of us who have busy schedules.


Health issues: I am currently dealing with, learning how to manage life in the slow lane.

Originally diagnosed in 2001 with Multiple Sclerosis, I did not realize the effect it would have on my life years later.

However, trying to make the best of it is quite a chore at times, so I am thinking about using this as a blogging topic.

We all have challenges in life, and we either try to make the best of them, or we don’t; I move we make the best.

What type of challenges do you face in life?

Prayer: I love to pray, at any point and time, so please feel free to send me your prayer requests.

I will never share them opening with anyone, and if you want me to pray for you over the phone just let me know. I believe in the power of prayer.

Prayer Contact