Book Review

This book is forever my “go to” book to refer anyone to when it comes to knowing God’s love. The few words I have to say here does not even come close to telling of the gratitude I have for Jack and Trisha Frost in the writing of this particular book.

As a background, I experience God’s loving hand of salvation on March 24th, 1986, when He stopped me from committing suicide. Overnight my life changed, coming out of the darkness into His glorious light, eyes blinking, working to adjust the brightness of the Son that had just entered into my once bound for hell life.

Over the next twenty-five years, I wandered aimlessly around the Kingdom, at times feeling even more lost then, I did before entering in. Most of which I must confess came from not being raised in the church. So not knowing the lingo or proper edicts of the church, I often fought my way home in tears, crying out to God over the fact that I just did not fit into this new world He had brought me. Over the years battling with the heartache of being what I felt, was a disappointment to the only One I have ever truly been in love with – God the Father.

Then in 2011, God spoke to my spirit and said go now. Go? Okay, go where, and do I need to pack anything? I gathered a few things and moved to Houston the very next day. Standing in a bare room, no bed to sleep on, or even a chair to sit in, I asked Him (my go to question), “Where do I go from here, what next?” and as always He gave me sound advice. Go to school.

I wasn’t sure what He wanted me to study or where, but I found myself enrolling in a ministry school He led me to, and yes, it was at a church. The one place which held so much heartache for me [remember, I had never fit in], but obeying His call which was more important than acceptance. So I went… The very first book the class had us read “Experiencing the Father’s Embrace” by Jack and Trisha Frost.

FINALLY, someone I could identify with, and a sea captain at that. When I think of how Jesus connected me with this fisherman’s words, at just the right time, just went to show me, He’s still willing to bring me into where I can belong (to Him).

I opened this book and began to read; I found myself captivated by this man’s openness and honesty. Then I get halfway into the first chapter, and I sit frozen, his words penetrate my heart, and I know.

I allowed Him to rescue me, but all the years since “I had” never allowed myself to get close enough to experience His embrace. I never knew my real father, my mother was murder when I was three, and then I was tossed to and fro from that point on. None of the men in my life ever gave a good example of what a loving “father’s” embrace should be. If and when they did embrace me it was not what love should be defined as, and here I am, not only with “father” issues but now talking about embracing; two words that I had never thought should be used in the same paragraph.

Jack shared his testimony concerning a conference in November of 1995 and floored me in my chair over a decade later. He spoke of how God took him back to a moment in his life when he needed that loving embrace and comfort that a father’s love should give.

Then Jack said these words and my world came to a screeching halt, “I had heard all my Christian life that God loved me, but I had never lowered the walls of protection enough to receive personally a real demonstration of His love and affection in some of my deepest pain.”

This man hit my nail right on the head, and it took me a very long time before I could read any further.

It was God’s love that rescued me, but it was Jack’s testimony in this book that helped me find the freedom of knowing the Father’s Embrace. I can’t wait for the day when I can meet Jack face to face, and give him the kind of hug I so want to give him. Trish and I have become friends; I love her dearly. I can’t express the love enough, even now today sitting here writing this, the tears stream with heartfelt emotion.

So would I recommend this book? Yes, I would HIGHLY recommend it, as well as any book by Jack and Trisha Frost. But this is the one.

I pray you too will find this same freedom in becoming His sons and daughters.